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A dram is an old Scottish term for a pour of whiskey. My fics are a dram of something. Read irresponsibly.
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Regarding the Cersei/Jaime scene, apparently it "becomes consensual by the end" according to the director here, so it wasn't intended to be rape (in the Hitfix review of this episode, Alex Graves is quoted). Though that...raises its own issues regarding the show.
justadram justadram Said:

I saw the quote, and it seems to me the director didn’t even understand the scene he was filming.


Pictures from TURN episode 1.03, “Of Cabbages and Kings.”


It’s a rare night when the Dany x Jorah shippers are the happiest people in the GoT fandom.

  • book: meaningful consensual sex scene that has implications for both characters and gives insight into the nature of a 30+ year long relationship
  • show: rape
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I feel like there are times in the books where it's implied that Cersei's said no, but been won over to the sex in the end through Jaime's persistence-- which could be seen as dubious consent, but Cersei never indicates she'd regretted it in the end? That's all I can think of as support for this writing choice, but it's not exactly a STRONG line of reasoning.
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The scene exists in the book and what just aired was not that scene. At all. There is no justification for it. It was gross and confirms for me the worst things that have been said about D&D and women, sex, and violence.

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I'm annoyed as well. Jaime wouldn't have raped her if she said no he would have been angry bit he would have stopped!
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Jaime isn’t a rapist. Say what you will about him, but he isn’t a rapist. And this Cersei regrets or doesn’t want Jaime bs is nuts.


If you think Jaime would ever rape Cersei, you can just go fall off a fucking cliff.

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  • tywin: what did all of these kings lack
  • tommen: kittens
  • tommen: a good king needs kittens
  • tywin: no that's not --
  • tommen: bring me a kitten
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I love your saskatoon berry pie fic. Are you going to continue you it?
justadram justadram Said:

Thank you so much! I am eager to write that story, but my focus is on A City for the moment. I will be continuing it in the future, however.