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A dram is an old Scottish term for a pour of whiskey. My fics are a dram of something. Read irresponsibly.
Lovely Things


The Place Where I Don’t Feel Alone

“‘Seeing you, remembering, I felt like myself again.’  He was no longer a creature who burned and lived, a figure of prophecy, he was Jon Snow and she was Sansa Stark, and he felt whole.”

A mix for justadram’s fic “A Winter’s Tale” (8tracks)


The Dance of the Dragons meme: Two Locations or Objects: Rhaenyra’s crown (worn by her father, Viserys I and her great grandfather Jaehaerys I) (x)

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and the elevator was not coming fast enough

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Then, in a brilliant tactical maneuver, the King in the North decided to photobomb the tyrranous Nerdisters.

Wait, what the fu-

The backstory here is, while partying with the hilarious Vacationeers at the Nerd Machine party at SDCC 2012, Richard Madden photobombed us with brutal and rather precocious efficacy. Myself and my friend (pictured bottom row center and far right) did not notice until the following morning, hung over, going through any incriminating evidence of the night before (drunk texts, drunk tweets, suspicious bruises, etc). At which point I squinted blurrily at the above photo and said, “I think Robb Stark photobombed us”. We conferred with our compatriots and one confirmed. Let us call him ‘Kevin’.  Kevin (pictured, above left corner, looking gleeful) told us that he was the only man among us who noticed Lord Stark’s presence in when he jumped in. When he then pressed the King in the North for a reason as to why it was he had decided to participate in our photobooth experience, the Stark heir replied something to the effect of “I’m sorry, you all just looked like you were having so much fun, I got excited”. Perfection.

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