just a dram

A dram is an old Scottish term for a pour of whiskey. My fics are a dram of something. Read irresponsibly.
Lovely Things



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What have they done to you?

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Kit Harington by Gareth Cattermole, BFI London Film Festival Portrait Studio.

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Here you go, jeeno2. This one works.


Here you go, jeeno2. This one works.

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Retouching portraits of Kit Harington from BFI London Film Festival (x)

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In the end…

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Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel on the set of Game of Thrones season 5 in Osuna, Spain; October 20th 2014

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Surely both, for he sweeps the doctors aside, leaps to his feet, and moves toward me. I run to meet him, my arms extended to embrace him. His hands are reaching for me, too, to caress my face, I think. My lips are just forming his name when his fingers lock around my throat.

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